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I was so satisfied with the stay at the village for community service. I just hoped that our presence there could bring more goodnes into the village so they can developed even further in the future.Just a suggestion, there should be more showers for people to cleanse themselves and a couple more of changing rooms so that its easier and faster for people to get change.The water activities was amazing and I had a blast at the river and cave tubing.I was a bit worried at first, but then it turns out to be fantastic and superbly fun!I can’t wait to share my exciting and wonderful experience during my stay at the village.It was really nice.Thank you so much.

Candice-United States

I flew far away from my home country in Argentina for the DREaM program and it was all worth it!It was very nice during the community service part where all the excitement was happening.I was very anxious when the committee said that we would go rafting,but instead it was more of tubing.I was curious of what tubing was like and it turns out to be such a fun,relaxing activities.Flowing with the river’s soft and calm currents seeing all the natural beauty and panorama alongside the river is just heaven for the eyes to see.You could feel the warmth of the sunshine and the cool, refreshing water of the river,a great combo.The cave was thrilling as well and it was very new to me.The fun that i experienced was priceless and unforgettable and i will cherrish it for the rest of my life.


The stay for community service at the village was very pleasant and fun indeed!it was a very nice experience, staying with the locals, although the lifestyle is quite different than the ones back in my home country, we could always appreciate and respect each others’ cultures and way of life!the program was very enjoyable, playing water activities at the river and inside the cave was so much fun and full of excitement.I’m glad I joined this program and thank you so much for the committee for your kind and assertive actions.Good luck to everyone and I hope to village could be more developed in the future.


I love my stay at the village.Seeing everything, the people,the culture, the scenery it was interesting and very beautiful. I personally enjoyed the river tubing because it was very relaxing after previous days of hardwork. I enjoyed the green,tropical forest, the sunshine which is just right to warm yourselves while the water of the river cools you down. You could never find this ambience in Russia.And we had the chance to stop by at the waterfalls where some of the participants jumped off from it into river.I wasn’t jumping off because i enjoyed too much of my coconut,i love coconut meat inside the fruit, especially the crunchiness of its texture.Thank you so much for an unfogettable experience.


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